What Does That Mean : Odd Words and Phrases , but Tiglekso

Dictionary of Odd Words And Phrases

Ab Initio from the beginning
abjure to repudiate, retract, or renounce
abnegate to give up rights.
acacizg a vaporizing weapon that turns everything into ash
acedia apathy, boredom
adauhe facial expression: disagrees or is skeptical
ardia ethnic or power group
akwaki cistern toilet
akwangtqua underwater entrance
azbegf facial expression: I don’t understand; explain further or elaborate.
bemai unconscious aim(goal)
bjnshuvzlae transformation of identity
boîte cabaret
bolus a round mass of chewed food. A large round medicinal pill.
bosky covered with bushes and trees
brio zest
brmegr “Don’t allow automatisms”
bsoei In psychology: mystification for manipulation.
bsoer In psychology: mystification in order not to hurt someone’s feelings.
burgeon to flourish
casmivi Magic of the pfayohiqusi
dakalzca Cave of stillness, refrigerator
drofluo black ops division of the Wipzib
dyjevisp wishful thinking
ebben transitional object
eksetyk psychokinesis
eokxavexa Asperger’s Syndrome
esfibga Mulitiplicity
eujxami 1. “beauty without virtue is like a flower without perfume”
“la beauté sans vertu est une fleur sans parfum” [fr]
2. The flower has its own virtue. When the flower is fresh and beautiful in the ground, enjoy its perfume, but do not put it in a vase.
evewapei ENTRY 87:     “Well, being absorbed in the world of my characters, feeling as if they actually exist and are real, I wonder what is real. Do we live in a dream? Is everything we perceive just our imagination? How do we know this is real and … ”
    “Evewapei! ”
    “It means something like, ‘Philosophers can say the world is unreal until reminded of pain, chocolate, and sex.’ ”
    “One word for that?”
    “Actually, it’s more than that. Most Utd’mbts words are symbols for concepts. There are different levels of sophistication for the Utd’mbts language. Utcoozhoo says I’m mostly at the baby talk babble stage where a symbol stands for a sound, but higher forms of Utd’mbts have nothing to do with sound. There is the ‘thing’, the actuality of what is referred to, and then different levels of symbolism which are to re-trigger the experience of the ‘thing’. ”
firtefiw “Without a proper loom to weave the fabric of society, catastrophes loom large.”
gavicte regent
gihe facial expression: listener wants to respond (stop talking)
glimefre Safe fear like on a roller coaster
gnolum crystal street lights
grp’nl alien computer network of the Gods
grzepepa Gods computer data base
gst’f star
gst’fibiche star-arrow. missile or rocket
gvexo facial expression: I understand (eye contact and nod)
gxomecxi desire for self-esteem
hsee word
hseevebx word game for vocabulary learning on picture screen
ibiche arrow
ipzabexr unconscious desire (driving force) latent force
kegmn parallaction1
kievifwa All purpose curse
kmni palm up: stop for response. p.334
kmpamew palace
kutibea Secret Service that protects leaders
maghuogke time of choosing
metca anxiety (noun)
metcar anxiety dynamic force: v. 1. To produce anxiety
2. to force with induced anxiety
They metcared him into submission (forced him).
3. to traumatize
mieta tutor
mige of light protective aura
navpwes President pro tem
ngtqua entrance to meditation chamber
nujxameu The flower has its own virtue. When the flower is fresh and beautiful in the ground,
enjoy its perfume, but do not put it in a vase.
pcapdyntpa emergency
pfabyuifxlm elevator-beam
pfabyuwsez cut-beam
pfambuuwisen the blue lights seen in meditation
pfayohiqusi The apparatus of the Gods
pfayohoqwaahujpi lightning boxes for guardian spirits to dwell in
psomuce Lava tube network
pven In psychology: Dyadic Effect: reciprocation of self-disclosure
pzag desire as conscious force
qvcabnadhe doctrine of the faith
qwuakwaki bathroom
repzag conscious desire (driving force)
sebivm quake maker: mode 1 for quake, mode 2 for Mesa building
sizmen conscious goal
sypmauiyig blasphemy
thiktdi flying mole in fire tube. tunneling machine that melts rock as it goes.
tiglekso E93 caution and optimism; don’t worry
t’ukmpuxogt skull shattering by psychokinesis
tzalbihuki storage room for metals
tzvaleubhoi Cave of the Third Sun
uayi ENTRY 97: “What’s Uayi? “
    “Well, it’s very formal. It means, ‘If I may have your permission to fuse and join into the node of your beingness, I would wish to impart to you, with deference and respect, the essence of my cognizance that I fervently believe is an element of truth which I believe will be to your benefit and which I offer with benign intention.’ ”
    “Um, it means that he says ‘hi’, may I speak to you telepathically for a moment please.”
uaydix Uayi with three people: two connected observing a third unknowing person.
ubemuwx “That’s not exactly it”
uebihukxa “Don’t give power to objects”
uxomexn The spiral of the nested mirrors — paradox
urifaj dangerous fear
Utd’mbts language of the Gods
varishynahuki guardian of the endowment of the Gods — Utcoozhoo
veb games (psychological): communication with ulterior motives.
vebx game
vgnamo goat droppings
vicazyt screen memory
visje the beastly structure of law where rules substitute for reason.
waktalbup water with a heavy heart. Heavy water (deuterium) supply
wejamn cabal
wejpob blue-tinted speleothem made with drip castle technique
wicsmi Ice Age
wipzib secret police
wsibopea Waiting until tomorrow for serious things. “Neither philosopy nor plans are launched on
a trampoline, and cannon balls don’t bounce anymore than flowers can be thrown with
zhuvi dibocsia Reaction Formation
znixtu Permission to speak freely
zysdiby The Keeper of the Faith

—— Reference: The Fog of the Caveman’s Blog