“Collaboration” by Kerrstee

[Super photos. I wish I could do that well. Collaboration is not always possible if someone doesn’t see your personal vision, or merely wants to compete for the sake of competing]



I’m feeling a bit better today. I suppose Mother’s Day can be a trigger for me. Anyways, the plan is to complete my home photography studio this week. Most of the furniture has been moved, and there are just a few things missing. I’m starting to get a bit excited, and that scares me. I’m afraid this is all a waste of time, and the studio will sit there, unused.  Or my photography will sit here, unseen. Nevertheless, I’ll keep pushing myself for as long as I can.


I have some ideas of how to expand my blog a bit. I have some solo projects planned, and even a few collaborative projects in mind. It will definitely take time, but I want to work through my social anxiety to work with the incredibly talented people in my life. Sometimes, I find it difficult to work with others. Mostly because I lose…

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