It’s best to clone yourself and do both. If your clone seems to do better, switch places if she doesn’t like her choice.


I’m quite ambivalent as to whether songs of the ’90s rise to the level of being worthy of a special club night. I get the 80s dances. They are silly and at times bordering on the stupid. Take the “Safety Dance“, for instance. I get the 70s. No one sits through a Gloria Gaynor song. We all know when it’s time to belt out “I Will Survive.” The ’90s? Well, I suppose you can go from “Smells like Teen Spirit” to “Hit Me Baby one More Time“.

Anyway, I’m not here to wax philosophical about ’90s music. I’m ambivalent and ok with that. I did have a ’90s earworm this weekend that helped me realize I need to integrate several life paths and wishes into one journey, for now.  That earworm was “Dyslexic Heart“.  It is a silly song and…

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