Sometimes I remember myself
when I spoke to you, and I
was exuberant, but now
they say the kids don’t have
such a word, and they are
just happy or sappy

— Zawmb’yee Nuje


4 thoughts on “Enthusiasm

  1. Exuberant is a wonderful word…I love when someone makes me feel so excited that I am exuberant around them. I don’t think the kids like long words ’cause they take longer to text on their phones (haha)

    1. oops. I keep forgetting where I’m signing in and who I am. I don’t think I’d make a good spy because whatever disguise I’d wear I’d keep saying, “My name is Bond, JAMES BOND.” That actually, was always kind of silly. I don’t think a secret agent would give the same name twice. MY name is Nuje, Zawmb’yee Nuje, High Priestess, and the daughter of Bond, JAMES BOND.

  2. It is an odd thing that just as I take an interest in a word it is dying like that twilight zone episode where suddenly someone wakes up and all the words have different meanings and he has to relearn everything. Although in that one they never did explain what was the point of the whole thing.

    1. I used to have a DVR when I had cable and I had tons of old twilight zone episodes recorded. Loved those so much! Though I never saw the one where he had to relearn everything because the words had different meanings. That could get really confusing…

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